-> rules of stay of immigrants in switzerland can toughen"> -> rules of stay of immigrants in switzerland can toughen">
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-> rules of stay of immigrants in switzerland can toughen


 in switzerland today passes a referendum under the laws seriously toughening rules of stay of immigrants, informs "echo moscow". these laws have already caused the sharp criticism from the united nations and various international organisations

For switzerland which population makes hardly more than seven millions persons, the problem of immigrants is one of the most sore. more than 20 % of inhabitants of the country immigrants, and the authorities have initiated to toughen rules of their stay in switzerland.

New bills had many opponents, and they have insisted on that this question has been taken out on a referendum. during it swisses should solve, whether rules of registration for foreigners should be toughened. in particular, it is offered to enter uniform general rules of granting of residence permit and acceptance of additional measures for struggle against abusings, in particular, with fictitious marriages.проститутки минска фото цены и твой проститутки выезд.|Читать: https://newsstroy.ru/|Это надо знать: https://pronewsgroup.ru/
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Besides, entrance to the country will be forbidden people from the non-european states if they do not have labour contract under a concrete labour place and they did not manage to prove that on it did not apply any swiss or european worker. as show polls, for acceptance of new bills act about 60 % of inhabitants of switzerland.

We will remind, one year ago in the country has passed a referendum in which course of 54,6 % of swisses have supported joining of the country to two contracts of the european union - schengen and dublin. these agreements will open borders of the country for eu states, and also expand information interchange with police bodies of the european union countries.

Occurrence in shengen has facilitated moving between the countries, and the dublin agreement has allowed swisses to get access to a database of "evrodak" in which fingerprints of illegal immigrants are stored. it as a whole will facilitate contacts between law-enforcement structures of the different states.

Meanwhile, the bills, which destiny will dare on a today's referendum, in the united nations named "political racism in political strike". however in the government of switzerland declare that the main objective of new laws to keep humanitarian traditions of the country.


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