-> the national governments criticise a policy of bruxelles"> -> the national governments criticise a policy of bruxelles">
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-> the national governments criticise a policy of bruxelles


Eu any more in forces to "digest" growing number of immigrants which thirst its blessings, but frequently tear away its ethics and a way of life. in the evening on monday eight european union countries have sent the head of eurocommission the letter with an appeal more actively to struggle with illegal immigration. the letter was signed by italy, france, spain, greece, cyprus, malta, portugal and slovenia - all mediterranean coast of europe where annually land ten thousand african illegal immigrants. but business not only in illegal immigrants - a problem is much wider.

Authors of the letter urge to develop the new initiatives which have ripened in connection with last stream of immigrants to southern borders of eu and remind that in france the problem already became key for presidential race of the next year. the reference has coincided on time with special action in immigrant suburb of paris where last week have cruelly beaten two policemen. the candidate for presidents from conservatives the head of the ministry of internal affairs nicolas sarkozy has subjected to the sharp criticism of judges for soft sentences to members of ethnic gangs. according to polls, with it 65 % of frenchmen are solidary.

Radical europeans also are not ready to be arranged under strangers. as a result immigrants become isolated in national communities, and europeans have already started to build a ghetto. in august in the italian padua where immigrants make 10 % of inhabitants, the authorities have fenced quarter anelli, occupied by natives of nigeria and the north africa, and have exposed a police post. according to "the left" mayor of padua flavio zanonato, is attempt to isolate drug dealers.

The government of great britain recognised recently that flow of immigrants provokes inflation and unemployment: now the work permit here should be received even to natives of bulgaria and romania who since 2010 become members of eu. the council of europe is disturbed by racism growth in germany where the number of attacks on national soil has grown since 2000 on 60 %. here the turkish diaspora became the intensity centre. the excitements, similar french while is not present, but in the future they are possible, - the expert of the german council about foreign policy alexander rar has noticed rbc daily. as he said, the social status of radical europeans for last 30 years has worsened, and people connect it with the immigrants who have occupied workplaces.Транс на в Москве|Лучшие проститутки Тулы здесь|Досуг сайт www.tumendolls.com|Проститутки в Ульяновске|Досуг сайт в Волгограде www.volgograddolls.com

Till now in eu tried to "throw" a problem money. leaders of europe thought that the economic help to the poor countries will reduce flow, - alexander rar speaks. - but they were mistaken. in france after immigrant excitements undertook unemployment. in immigrant areas open mail, shops and other services where it is possible to work, - the expert of the parisian institute of the international strategic relations of arno djuben has told rbc daily. - but while it does not help .

The head of institute of problems of globalisation michael deljagin considers what help with a solution of a problem the swedish model could. inviting migrants from the third world, swedes at public expense learnt to their language and gave habitation, - the expert of rbc daily has reminded. - but thus fellow tribesmen settled so that they did not get off in diaspora, and it has yielded fruits .

Mr. djuben has confirmed rbc daily that in france the swedish model is very popular. the candidate for presidents of france from socialists 52-year-old sgolne ruajjal often goes to sweden and stands up for such variant, - the expert has noted. - but i am afraid, time is missed: it was necessary to do it in 60-70th years of the last century .

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